Wednesday, July 29, 2009

CUBE.... the story.

My interest with marine aquarium dates back to my pre childhood days.

I have been keeping fish as pets starting with guppies progressing to keeping goldfish and other fresh water fishes. This interest coupled with my mom's influence on her garden led me to digging her yard-- making my first fish pond only lined with plastic. Throughout my highschool life i've been keeping the fresh water ponds and has always been intrigued with SALTWATER TAnk.

My first encounter with a marine tank tank was in a small restaurant in Pagadian City Philippines, year 1994 when I was sent to join the school paper conference. I remember it was a small tank, a 20gallon AGA set-up with an air pump. It only had saltwater fish and I could not forget the clown fish.

Then during my university days. year 1996 i've seen display of marine tank in the Mall of Cebu (Ayala Mall) where they have this display tank in Ace Hardware with anemone swaying in the power head current. I TOLD MYSELF: one day i'll have a better set-up.

That day came when I move to Dubai UAE.

My girlfriend (now my wife) had this 5 gallon AGA fresh water tank set-up which she grew tired of keeping decided to give me the tank to take care of. ----> I decided to set-up my first salt water tank. IT was year 2004.

My very first attempt all failed. Imagine having the same equipment from the fresh water set-up only to be filled with saltwater and fish. That didn't work out really well. That failure led me to search the internet until I became a member of different sites. Having to correct my set-up with the basic knowledge push me to own few small tanks.

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