Friday, August 21, 2009



look again.

yes I did panic the moment I saw my precious Purple Tang in the mercy of my precious Clam. I was torn between the two. A dilema between the best of my livestock. The tang as my Showpiece and the Crocea with white pattern- another showpiece. I stood infront of my tank shock! till I got back to my nerves shouting for my wife to help.

I was in the situation of not knowing what to do. A time where a every mili-second counts. I had so many solution within the span of a second.

* Save the tang. pry the clam !

* leave the clam, sacrifice the tang !

* Save them both! I said......... HOW??

in that span of nano-sec I grab my camera and bravely took pictures. I finally decided to pry the clam open. I ask my wife (panicking more than meself) to take the screw driver and the heck about the clam I will just force it open. The clam gave-in and the tang swam............

then only to realized the irreversible damage done to our beloved PT. The snout was heavily damaged with his teeth like protruding. Darn!...

I was happy that the PT was out of the clam's life-taking grip, but was very sad to see the tang breathing rapidly. My wife came to my rescue talking to the fish that everything's gonna be alright. I know sounds funny but we love this fish! After around 20 minutes later i saw him on his side.....

and finally he succumb. My tears rolled down! Very sad day for us!

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