Thursday, September 10, 2009

DIY Cone Skimmer

I stumbled upon this site base in Hongkong. Amaze by the DIY'er skill in making a topnotch Cone Skimmer the likes of ATB and/or Bubble King. A supermoderator of the said site; QQ > his username posted this DIY in July 26 2009.

I don't understand mandarin so i'll just post the pictures he posted.

And now the best part of QQ DIY; molding the cone body from a flat acrylic panel.

the acrylic sheet:

the mold:

yes. I think it's a vase too. here's how he did it.

1.make the pattern.

2. Trace.

with a heat gun.

this is what you'll end -up

Now for the Neck

the Base:

the Pipe;


The Bubble Diffuser

The Collection Cup

The FULL Assembly

I was blowned with the over-all looks of his DIY. NOT a DIY-look for me it seems. Anyway, QQ has more of his test on this build but since I don't understand mandarin and i have no access to the forum I could not tell you how it is performance wise. What I understand scanning on his thread is that the maxi-jet pump is not powerful enough to get a goo skimmate instead he had it running with Aquabee and experimenting with Eheim too.

I think this video is running aquabee.

test video

test video 2

here's QQ full link of his DIY


  1. whanphyry here soy_i... am blown away... way too cool!!!!

  2. I have a couple questions, assuming someone knows the answers.

    1. What was used to seal the seam on the cone itself? Just an acrylic solvent like weld-on? Can we know what specific product was used?

    2. How thick was the acrylic used to make the cone? It actually looks fairly thin, however it is nearly impossible to guess just by looking.


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