Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eshopps VS AquaExcel

Who is Eshopps?

I Binged & Googled: and nothing really that would tell about the company's profile except the map on the site

all I know about Eshopps is it's a relatively new comer on aquarium equipments making name about their version of Cone Skimmers. So, what's the big deal? ----> their cone skimmer are much cheaper comparing to other cone skimmers availabale in the market. They first introduce their first "Snow Cone" march this year and recently the "S-150"

snow cone


  • Pump inside--quiet operation, saves space
  • Aquabee pump
  • Base: Approx. 9.25x10.5"
  • Adjustable silencer
  • Large Venturi
  • Removable base for easy cleaning access
  • Rated up to 200gallons

Then, on the other part of the world, A new skimmer AquaExcel has recently been introduce.

So who is AquaExcel??

I Binged & Googled:

KAS Aquarium Equipments Manufacturing Factory is located at China Guangdong,Guangzhou and the factory has established in the year of 2003, except for the various filtration equipments used in seawater fishbowl, also can manufacture the professional filtration system with different actual purpose for the Aquarium, Marine-farm and seafood restaurant.

Since founding in, our factory takes orders the principle of management of “Trustworthiness, Practicality, Expand, Innovation realistic”, has been concentrating on the development, design, manufactring and sale of products. In shorter time,we accumulated experience in developing, design, manufacturing, research marketing and after-sales service.

Model: AE-801
Spec: 210mm*140mm*510mm(L*W*H),
Reaction pipe diameter:120mm
Outlet port inner diameter:32mm
Match Aquabee2000i wheel pump
Power supply: 220V/50Hz 17w
AquaExcel recent skimmer(2009 model) has a striking similarities to the skimmer mentioned above. Not only BLUE as the accent colors but they share plenty of similarities.

more pictures comparing both skimmers and you be the judge.

Eshopps vs AquaExcel

the bubble plates.

Eshopps vs AquaExcell

the meshwheel for models using non-aquabee pump are indishtinguishable

Eshopps VS AquaExcel

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