Monday, September 28, 2009

My BC-Blenny is Killing my Coco Worm

The bi-color Blenny is a long time resident of the Prodigal Cube and as well as the Coco worm, Lately though, the blenny is giving the coco worm a haircut- a very crop one that is.

I posted a shoutout in facebook until my ReefingBud chimed that the blenny needs a home. He suggested to drill holes in the liverock which sounds very complicated with all the coral epoxied.

Though, I agreed with the blenny looking for a place he wants to call home. I'm not sold out to the idea of removing the scape just to drill holes. I was thinking of getting a PVC but i think it would look un-natural with the PVC sticking out. And then the Idea hit me: Share it! so, I broke the tube into halves. One for the Blenny and one for the Worm.

here's the worm's part:

and the blenny's part:

And now I reckon, them both is happy with a place of their own. A place they could call their OWN home.

the worm

the blenny

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