Tuesday, October 27, 2009

DIY: TwinPipe Overflow Pipe

"for tank which are impossible to drill- the only solution is an overflow box...."

One day, you learned that adding a sump to your system do more good than bad. You've made a good read about the sump only to find out that your tank is tempered. So you're only solution is an overflow box--- there are plenty to choose from off the shelves and be prepared to spend a bit. Or if you are fancying making one yourself check some easy&cheap DIY's. Here's one from Melev.

The concept is all the same. SIPHON! it may be made by all acrylic, and/or pipes. Same idea applies.

My version of the overflow pipe was done to accomodate more flow. Having problem of slow drainage, My option was to increase the size of the pipe but having big pipes in my previous Nano Set-up will not only give it an unbalance look but also takes so much space on the real estate. Then the idea hits me: make a twin pipe.

With my experience with the twin pipe, 3/4" (pipe size) it is capabale of handling more than 1000gph. Very reliable and is Auto restart. I would say 99.9% fail-safe. It automatically restart with out problem. Guaranteed!

Hope with this Design, some of you reefer will benefit from my DIY.
you may follow this link with my build: click

here's the list of part needed:

12pcs x 3/4" elbows
2pcs x 3/4" Tee
1pc x 1-1/4" Tee
2pcs x 3/4" end caps(drilled)
2pcs x reducer
1 union valve
1 gate valve

and a picture of the " spy twinpipe overflow"

and here's is the twinpipe on application:

The overflow inside the tank can also be DIY'ed with a big PVC pipe if an acrylic is unattainable as being done by DocHannibal:

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