Monday, October 5, 2009

MAX-S LED LAMPS enters the Market

Yes, with LED becoming the new frontier of reef-lighting. MAXSPECT is right on cue for their LED version. Another product coming from no other than CHINA.

Stealth in shape, sleek and black. Who wouldn't notice that! Coming with it's own controller:

built-in heat sink:

Stainless steel aviation cable connectors- NOT only purdy but durable.
combo of LED's

star PCB & YUP! the very first LED fixture with the 100 x 1W LEDs

coming in four models: and estimated price (converted from local currency):

LED-G1-180-60W: $ 130

LED-G1-400-110W: Hot selling price: $ 250

LED-G1-400-160W: Hot selling price: $ 35

LED-G1-400-180W: Hot selling price: $ 450

don't you think that's a STEAL!! be the first to grab this fixture and order online

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  1. But, where we can buy it ?
    Who is producer of it ?


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