Monday, October 12, 2009

TANK TOUR: m'akoyPINOY (NTOTM 08/09 of NR)

m'koyPINOY is base in Manhattan area USA. His tank is just awesome. Winning NR's Nano Tank of the Month for the Month of August'09- just proves it.

I was astound though how simple his tank runs. You don't see any overprice gadgets. No- ATO, No- Calcium Reactor, No- Probes, AND not even a sump. The heart of this system is the Aqua C HOB skimmer. And Top-off is done manually as well dosing supplements is done the same way.

m'koyPINOY is known in NR for HIS collection of top-of-the-line / signatured corals. Now that includes the classic TUBS BLUE to the most hype PURPLE HORNETS to TYREES's lineage coral. Strangely, as mentioned he doesn't own fancy equipment to safeguard his sweet collection.

As I enter his place, I was attracted with the bluish lights coming from his tank. Faced with his nano tank--- I stand in awe! The inhabitants are just plain gorgeous. I stand there looking like a child infront of a candy shop. Pointing/ trying to name corals I know: or suppose to know.

Raking my brains, I say.. " that is the purple death..... oh nuclear green. Mmmm I know that. the PURPLE HORNETS" still continuing " tubs, raptors rainbow, kigs hornets, goblins, PE's , papaya clove...... until i said no more". And He continued. " tyrees sunset, ORA's red planet...." and some acans and more chalices!

Damn! that was a lot of GEMS in a small tank. I did not realize staring at his tank that the candy basslet streak past infront of me. HA HA HA HA.. just so so many GEMS to take note.

here's some pix I brought home with me:

some of his acan collections:

papaya clove

Cebu tailspot blenny

Helfrichi firefish

WOW GEM rack

tank shot

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