Tuesday, November 24, 2009

GOTEK Aquarium LED Lightning System

Who is GOTEK??

company profile:
Suzhou Gotek Optronics Technology Co., LTD is Taiwanese investment enterprise in China---Suzhou with total amount of investment $13million. Since it was founded in 2003, Gotek is focus on image process and optical related product research and development, in addition, it also consistently enhances the manufacturing of engineering abilities to provide customers the best quality products that includes image camera module, high power LED module, LED for lightning application and LED for specific biological application.

Currently, the new product line in development is LED lightning applied in water box. The control system is based on self-own propriety technologies. The lightning can fully be simulated daylight and moonlight in real earth moving condition. Besides, the color temperature of lightning in deep sea can be produced. They can satisfactorily meet the various requirement of aquarium and sea water fish farming.

During the recent CIPS China 2009 (16-19 Nov 09) held in Guanzhou, Gotek introduces their first line of LED Fixture.

Spectral Analysis of the LED:

Models Available:

Tank applicaton:

As LED becoming more stronger proponent for Halide Fanatics, And more companies offering them in different looks, taste and AFFORDABLE PRICES; not too long from now that the mighty halide's gleam will fade into oblivion.

The first batch is now currently being flown-in to the UK as we speak. Let the English Folks have their first hands-on, as we from the rest of world oogles in lust.

go go go GOTEK!

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