Sunday, November 8, 2009

MAX-S LED arrives in Singapore

A few weeks ago this particular LED fixture made quite a buzz in the reefing scene. Now Singaporeans are the first ones to have seen it in operation outside China. A local supplier have installed the Led fixture for test and has been received with diffrent opinions. Though, everyone agreed on the stunning look of the fixture. I guess, more time is all it needs to prove how this led would perform.

here's some qoutes:

I am not concern about the overdriving.
No one will do that.

Overdriving an led reduce its life greatly.
I am more concern about claim.
As there is no led spec.
We do not know at what ampere we need to drive this led before we can get 160 lm.
Please take note the same led will give you less lumen when drive at 350 mA and at 1.4 A
Only through manufacturer spec then we can know if the claim is true

response from maxspect :
The 3w LEDs are driven at 650mA, only the 30w LEDs(in 160w,180w model) are driven at 1.05A.

I have to agree with Jacky, the Iphone camera... not tt fantastic. dry.gif If you look at the light distribution, the sides are alittle dark. This is a 3ft tank, so like I mentioned earlier, prob would perform best at 2ft and smaller tanks.
Reduced 82%
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1600 x 1200 (790.59K)
I have to disagree with Jacky on the fan sound level. I think it's normal and at an acceptable level. Of course the unit is mounted in an outdoor environment, and compared to the home, might have a slight difference. Overall, it looks like a great product!

Pics of test unit from Iwarna. The shimmer is nice, lights look pleasing to the eyes, and is powerful enough to reach this 1.5ft deep tank. Of course this is with the help of 2x30W white LED. (my mistake in my earlier post, it is the 160W version, not the 180E version) Might not be as energy efficient as the normal led fixtures in the market now.
Reduced 82%
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Reduced 82%
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you may follow the discussion in sgreefclub

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