Monday, December 7, 2009

BM NAC6A: Indepth Review


Ive been lucky to get the BM NAC6a during my recent trip to Shanghai. I was actually looking for the BM Cone but unfortunately, this model is out of stock. Even the BM NAC6A was the last item from their warehouse. I was just lucky!

Anyway, I will try to post my opinion about this particular skimmer being a relatively new comer in the market with a shocking price and intriguing models.


The packaging of the skimmer is very good. An eye catching millipora picture of the outside box which makes the item expensive looking. From the inside, each particular piece is wrap in individual plastic while the skimmer pump is boxed separately with mini styro. The package when open comes with the assembly instruction sheet, warranty card and some stickers.

With a 6 inches in diameter, this skimmer is huge.


The skimmer is shockingly made with topnotch detail. The acrylic is very clear though thinner than my NW 100 Reef Octpus skimmer. The skimmer(with out pump) also weighs lighter than the mentioned Reef Octopus. Glued with attention to detail. The over-all look of the skimmer is a beauty;

-The neck is wide for non restriction of the froth.
-The collection cup is rubber fitted for a tight seal.
-Polished edge not only for a clean look but also easy cleaning

-The collection cup doesn't come-off easily.
-The silencer is pinned/screwed in the collection cup which makes it a hassle if you need to clean the cup.

The PARTS...

venturi... with decently large opening for good water intake.

the bubble plate. Can be disassembled for easy cleaning.

wedge pipe. Look at the details, smooth...

base and pump holder..

pump is comparatively the same size as the aquabee 2000 with a good room for the volute. The mesh wheel is a combination of the pin wheel sandwich with the enkamat and a plastic to tamed the mesh.

mesh/pinwheel with a ceramic shaft. Comes with an extra replacement too.

.... not only that the skimmer works, it puts the expensive brands to shame. I also find that the pump operates silently whilst some reefers claim that its noisy.

with a very small foot print, it sure will fit to any sump.
Since my sump was pre-design with the tank, I am not happy with how it was done. Still managed to make it work though and with the skimmer minute footprint, I need not to modify my sump. though the water level is not what the recommended by the Bubble Magus, I am still having a good skimmate.

the pump at work....

I've only had the skimmer running for four Days, but the performance is impressive. I am not let-down with how it works. It is more than my expectation. My only concern is how the pump will operate for long term usage.

Anyway, with the throw-away price and a BEASTLY performance this skimmer is a sure WINNER!

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