Thursday, January 14, 2010

Reef Central Blog HACKED!!

Reef Central's Blog has been HACKED!   Is this the end??

       A lot of questions arises:  What is the hackers intention?  Is it monetary?-  How much Ransom Money is being ask.    Or is the Hacker  Tired of RC's rule that this is his way of Avenging...

But with the hackers page claiming to be Turkish,   "HacKeD 1923Turk-Grup//DeLiKuRTLaR" <----- what's is his motive? 

With this happening to RC,  I feel all our blog is vulnerable to Hacks.  Let's play the waiting game and will check back on RC's Blog.


It seems that the ReefKeeping Blog is not fully hacked.  Only the Home Key link is affected whereby  clicking it will redirect you to the Hackers page.


by  0100H GMT,  the site was down for maintenance
by 0200H GMT,  the link was replace with Copy Right info.  Follow the link here:  Reef Central

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