Friday, February 26, 2010

Blue Midas Blenny... are they real??

Midas Blenny in BLUE??

Yup! that's right.  Ecsenius Midas.   I was in our LFS when I spotted a grayish blenny amongst the bi-color blenny and damsel tank.   It caught my eye even  though the color was a drab greyish mud color ugly blenny.   No wonder, local hobbyist ignored it.   I was observing for a full 20 minutes intrigued ...

Till finally I decided.   I ask the LFS crew to reserved it for me and explain that I'll be coming the following day for it.   I intentionally left it there for this fish was not looking healthy.  I was informed that this fish was already a week old in their tank from their Philippine shipment.

As I arrived home,  I quickly began searching the net to find  a possible ID but failed to see a similar looking blenny till I came across Reef Hot Spot site.   Close but not similar.  The only one thing that gave it away was the yellow spot below it's bluish eye.

The following day, I went to take the fish and upon inspecting it,  the right  eye was already white.  Bag the fish and wished it won't go blind.  I then quarantined the blenny in a bucket to isolate it from spreading parasite it had gotten from the LFS.
Three days later after coming home from work outside of  town,  i gave it a quick peek and was surprise that the blenny was rather odd in color.   I then made a decission to transfer it in my main display tank to be appreciated.   

Today was his first full day in  hallide light, and  still hiding most of the time but  when it swims... it'll take your breath away.  Beautiful fish  and is indeed BLUE.

here it is the night it was introduce in tank.

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