Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fungia Rebirth

as posted by: RevHtree of Chattanooga, Tn. in  Reef Central.
For some reason the coral begin to recede and all I could do was pray and hope. I ended up watching it die and turn to a complete skeleton. The wife couldn't believe what had happened and of course she let me know about it. God bless her little heart. I had to think of something fast. I told her that I had read about how plate corals will die and then reproduce sometimes and that maybe, just maybe this was happening.  She didn't buy it, and I really didn't either. But in hopes of something happening a shoved it to the side of the tank out of view.

Of course she gave me a hard time about the ugly skeleton in my closet, errr tank and then to beat it all, my best buddies from the local reef club had a hay day making fun of me and my $500 skeleton. I told them to laugh on and when it reproduced they would have no part. They laughed harder!!

Well after about 3 months in the tank I noticed that there were little algae looking spots starting to form. Of course everybody said it's algae and it ugly. I thought that they may be right, but alas I held out hope!

To my delight the algae spots started getting a little bigger and low and behold a few looked like just maybe that has a teeny tiny mouth!
As a few more weeks went on they started to develop tentacles and start to look like very small plate corals!! 

My wife and even my buddies finally got on board and I am happy to say that I am a Father of about 100+ teeny baby plate corals! YEA!!

Moral of the Story:

"Don't throw the skeleton of your dead fungia.  Be patient and wait for the rebirth"


  1. Hey this is Revhtree! Thanks for posting this up! The original story is on my site at Come visit me! :)


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