Friday, September 10, 2010

SKiMZ new KONE skimmers

Singapore: "Skimz KONE’s conical-shape has distinct design advantages – the bubbles in the reaction chamber are forced to move vertically upward, resulting in natural foam formation to minimize bubble bursting. This natural foam formation of the bubbles reduces surface agitation, thus creating a gentle foaming within the skimmer and results in increased skimming efficiency. Together with the use of the bubble plate design, turbulence within the reaction chamber is significantly reduced, allowing maximum air flow capacity in a compact skimmer.

SKIMZ’s latest design allows cleaned water to exit the protein skimmer chamber at its base where it is almost bubble-free. Precise adjustment of the water level within the skimmer body can now be easily achieved using the new Micro-adjustable Valve."

 Skimz Kone E Series SK181

Technical Data:
    • Skimmer pump: 1 Skimz ES2800 needlewheel
    • Power consumption: 13W
    • Air intake: 780 l/h

    • L 206 x W 206 x H 550mm
    • Cone base Ø (mm): 180

For Aquariums:
    • 200 - 1,200 l

Skimz Kone E Series SK201 

Technical Data: 
     • Skimmer pump: 1 Skimz ES5000 needlewheel
     • Power consumption: 20W
     • Air intake: 960 l/h

     • L 236 x W 236 x H 560mm
     • Cone base Ø (mm): 200

For Aquariums:
     • 800 - 2,000 l

Skimz Kone E Series SK251

Technical Data:
     • Skimmer pump: 2 Skimz ES5000 needlewheel
     • Power consumption: 40W
     • Air intake: 1,920 l/h

     • L 286 x W 286 x H 570mm
     • Cone base Ø (mm): 250

For Aquariums:
     • 1,000 - 3,000 l

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