Monday, January 10, 2011

AquaController Apex : 220V native energy bar.

Well,  few of us has been waiting for this news. .  .

I have posted the same topic in April and was  told by  Neptune System (Curt P.)  that the said controller was under work and would  be expected  by end of 2010.   It is now the beginning of another year,  yet we haven't heard anything from Neptune.   I have seen few post across different  forum about the coming of 220v version  so  I have contacted Neptune System  about it and here is the reply:

theprodigalcube asks:

Hello Curt..

Just a follow up inquiry of the Apex 220V that was plan to be in production
last year.   My last info was it was planned to be released late of 2010;

Are you guys still planning on releasing such model?

and this is the reply from Curt:


Yes, we are developing a 220V version of our EnergyBars;  it is expected to ship in 2011.


Now that is just a very good news for all reefers.   Another must have toy.


  1. I cant wait! I have been wanting to get a control, but have been hearing conflicting info as to when it is coming out :-)


  2. hello Jodi..

    Add me to your "can't wait list." Actually I know of few reefers who are base out of US/Can 110V that is so eager to get this controller too. I have been looking at this particular controller since it's debut. At last; releasing this year!

  3. 2011 has been and gone. Any news on this?


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