Sunday, April 3, 2011

RR wavemaker upgrade to 2nd Gen: Video

RR wavemaker   has  now  been upgraded to second generation improving the overall design of the controller and giving it a digital capabilities.  And not only that;  the controller may now support up to four pumps.  

RR Wave Maker System Mark-2

RR Wave Maker Mark-2 inside motor is new design, It already Improve the impeller and use 3 phase 6 coil, Let it more powerful and use low power comsumption. Over current and over heat protect circuit guarantee the system can run on different environment.
New digital Controller accurate control timing at 0.01 second, One bottom one function easy to use, Error alarm is added.
New digital Power Supply with LCD display, Voltage selection 0.5v per time.

Controller Specification:
Standard Voltage: DC5V - 24V
Standard Current: 250mA
LCD Dispaly: 2 Row x 16 Character
Function Key: 3 x 4 12 Keys
Fuse: 4 x 24V-2.5A
Power Consumption: 850mW
Size: 145.8 x 84.3 x 30mm
Pulse Adjust range: 0.50 - 39.99Sec
Transformer DC Socket: 5.5 x 2.5mm
Motor DC Socket: 5.5 x 2.1mm
Light Sensor RCA Jack Socket: 2.2mm 

With these upgrades,  the capability of the RR wavemaker to produce a wave and/or gyre motion in the reef tank  is;  if not better than that of Vortech is comparable.   Now that would be a serious threat to the aforementioned  and top favorite wavemaker.   If only RR could go under a surgeon's knife for a facelift...

enjoy the video!

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