Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hello prodigal reefers...  I should be back writing soon.   It has been a while to post anything on here and been lazy picking  up my brain.  I might be changing my interest of posting visited fish stores instead of writing only upcoming equipment's.   I am just happy to check on this blog and its still available.

hope you guys would still read this irrelevant  blog.

And to start my slow come back... 

                                                  JEBAO WP-40

Jebao's take on the famous stream pumps from the german maker and a KIRF name from a famous American  brand.   Not only that the pump comes with a magnet holder but also complete with a wave controller and a sensor to detect night settings.  All for a fraction of the price for prodigal reefers  that are budget conscious.

 and a bonus video made by Fish Street where this pump can already be purchased.

additional video courtesy of motoro from sgreefclub.com

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