Wednesday, October 14, 2009


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My BC-Blenny is Killing my Coco Worm

COCO- worm reclaiming the CROWN

today: I was up early which is not common to me happening. I went to check the tank with the lights still off. I notice the worm was stretching, thought it was normal.

Just two minutes later, I saw this:

worried that my fish will harm the worm with out it's hard tube protection.. I tried to stick it back to its home... struggled a bit:

It just don't want to get back in. I coaxed it again, then you'll see it crawling out again. I'm not sure what the problem was. So I thought it doesn't want the location and decided the tube in a different location-- same thing. It just don't to go back in.

Finally decided to leave the coco worm out. Catch it and place inside a clear plastice tube and observe;

I saw the worm to be pretty healthy. What baffles me is why it tried to bail-out. Was it because I introduce the Toadstool Coral and it was sitting next to the worm. Never heard of leather nuking a worm....

This afternoon... the worm is disintigrating with reason not known to me. Bye my coco worm.

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