Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fusi Goby Laid Eggs

Happy and Sad...

I've had this pair of goby for a while now.

Happy: of course it made me happy that both fish had paired-up and mate.

Sad: Because I've just destroyed it's burrow and eggs.

.......tired of my scape, so decided to made a mini makeover scape only to my surprise that the goby mentioned had eggs on the cave it dug. I have actually remove that piece of liverock where it burrowed under, keep the rock on the floor while rescaping until I decided to put the rock back in the tank again. Did not really notice the peculiar behavior of one of the fusi not until I felt smushie and soft from under the rock that made me curious and focus my attention to it.

The color of the eggs is white and I have a feeling that the eggs where newly laid. Very tiny eggs and plenty of them on the underside of the rock. You wouldn't really see it till you know that it is there. Since the rock is white on the underside (not expose to lights), the eggs just camouflaged to it.

here is a closer shot of the tiny eggs.

And here is another picture of the smaller goby acting strangely after I've remove the rock. It might be the male but I'm not sure. He is roughly 3 inches from head to tip whilst the other goby is .05 inch longer.

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