Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Mystery of the tail-less fish.

I am not sure what have happen to this fishes. All I'm sure is that all this fish has had a traumatic experience. A very important part of the fish anatomy is missing. The tail is very important for fish to not only chase their prey but to also to escape from predator.

Should they be considered lucky that they are now in the hands of the reefer which will hand feed them?

Makes me wonder if this fishes looks cute at all. Does it look adorable or is it Hideous.

I just hope that this fish was not "parrotise" just to sell them at a higher price. As this picture was posted by Fish Folk of I have no idea of what the real story behind the fish current look. Though, by looks; the fishes looked healthy and most probably lost their fins in the wild.

The full story though is still a mystery.


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