Saturday, March 27, 2010

New SKiMZ Monzter II: exclusive video, actual picture.

 Skimz Monzter skimmer series incorporate a highly-efficient recirculating design to maximise the air-water contact time within the reaction chamber. This recirculating design results in aquarium water being filtered multiple times over within the skimmer, allowing highly effective filtration. Aquarium water is supplied into the skimmer via a separate feed pump or can be gravity fed. All Skimz Monzter skimmers are fitted with original AquaBee needlewheel pumps, producing extremely fine bubbles for unsurpassed skimming performance.
Every Monzter range of product is hand-crafted with the highest quality materials and precision CNC machined.

  • High-precision CNC machined parts
  • New advanced AquaBee needlewheel technology
  • Low energy consumption
  • Very low noise level
  • Twist-lock neck for easy cup removal
  • Top quality +GF+ pipe fitting
  • Plug-and-Play design, requiring little tuning

SKiMZ  has tweak and upgraded their original  Skimz monzter (SM-200)  to  Skimz Monster II (SM2-200).  And the result??  

BLACK....                PURE BLACK  MIRE - MUCK - GUNK.  whatever you call it.

 An efficient machine  that is soon available to hobbyist come Interzoo 2010.   Emulating todays conical skimmers,  SKiMZ decided to combine the classic cylindrical body  to a tapering conical  neck.   Not that skimz is the only skimmer with this approach  but,  what makes it different is the  pump.   The Monzterincorporates Italian made EDEN128 pump and advanced needlewheel technology in a super large volute. 

in focus:

EDEN 128
A detailed study of the hydraulic properties and the geometry of the rotor/impeller system, perfectly balanced with the performance of the motor and a careful choice of high tech materials for the different components give this unit the characteristics of reliability and quietness common to the Eden pump range combined with a very high performance.

  • 1,150 lph
  • 2.o m Head Height
  • 3o watts
  • 70x50x74 mm (LxWxH)
  • Thermal Overload shut-off
  • Ceramic Shaft
  • Extremely Quiet and Reliable
  • Made in Italy
  • warranted pump 

Aren't you convince yet?  then watch this video:

and more pictures..

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