Friday, March 12, 2010

Reef Circulator: wave maker from Poland!

ReefCirculator pump is designed to circulate water in reef aquariums. It consists of miniature body fi tted on a magnetic hanger. Precise and almost unrestricted setting of the output direction is allowed by an articulated joint of the pump body with the hanger, furthermore specially designed amortization system eliminates any potential vibrations. Small size of the device facilitate its easy concealment among rocks and other decorative elements inside the tank.
- provides ideal circulation of water in aquarium
- low power consumption
- does not increase water temperature
- exceptionally quiet
- very efficient

Product features
Gross weight: not available
Quantity in wholesale packaging: not available
Width of packaging: not available
Length of packaging: not available
Heigth of packaging: not available

Additional information: soon..

Aquariya Expo '10:  AquaEl's booth was packed with goodies  most reefer outside Poland  is not familiar with.  To start, I've never heard of AquaEl before.  Talking to the owner Janus and Bogumila  surprised me that they are active on most Expo i.e Interzoo, etc.  (More on the companies profile on later post)

Back to topic.

Reef Circulator  was design not only to compete with bigger branded  propeller pump  but  was crafted  to standout among the other.   Firstly,  the design of the pump strainer is gill-like to give it a unique, efficient  and slick  appearance.  Moreover,  the gills design works cleverly by sucking the water from the backside of the pump without disturbing the stream output creating a non-chaotic stream.

 Made from a high quality material,  the pump  is so campact that when you are facing the pump it's as if you are looking at a beast. sorry,  a shark.

Another smart design of the circulator  is how the pump  is being  encased.   Suspended  by the frame and the strainers,  it is cooled by the water flowing  around its pump.

As most of the modern pump is magnet mounted. RC does all  of that and even taking it up to a new level by having a quick snap right on the wetside magnet for easy removal. In addition the magnet mount is rated for glass thickness up to 1.5 cm
though i've tried it in a 1 inch wooden plank and still it holds up. Note that the magnet mount is fitted with a rubber ring to keep vibration at bay while keeping the pump from sliding down.

Currently,  only the AC version pump is available for purchased  but  a BLDC pump (BRUSH LESS DC 12-24 volts)  is still in production stage.

Here's the Prototype:

and the packaging:

I would like to thank AquaEl, for giving me the chance to take some pictures,  shared their  product information freely   and  demonstrated  some very innovative products.

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