Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gotek LED 2nd Generation coming.

November 2009,  when Gotek introduces their LED fixture.    follow here.

Past forward six months and the company is at work for a better, efficient and improved fixture.   Ironing out minor problem to enhance its performance.    Perhaps the most obvious change is the additional of a cooling fan where Gotek claims to be very quite.

Another change in design is the removal of the ballast  from the housing.   This is makes the fixture run cooler prolonging the life expectancy of the LED.  And with the external ballast,  the fixture is half lighter.

And above all,  the best change it has adopted is the use of a HP 3w LED, combining  UV led,  red, green and blue for a fantastic wide range color spectrum.

Unfortunately,  this LED fixture is under test and will be available thereafter.    In the meantime,  let's enjoy some Gotek Led posings...

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