Thursday, August 26, 2010

LumenAqua: LED for Nano Tank

LumenAqua may have taken the hints from the japanese manufacturer  but the company has claim that this Led has been in the production since 2009 and has already participated in InterZoo.  Nobody cares about that really,  what we care is how this LumenAqua delivers what it is intended to do.   Cominng in two flavors,  maxLumenAqua 200 and slightly bigger  maxLumenAqua 300.

                              maxLumenAqua 200
                             dimension:  200 x 200 x  31mm
                             Led Brand:  Philips LumiLeds
                                                                   -  7 x  3 watt  high power
                                                                   -  700 mA
                                                                   -  4 x 6500k
                                                                   -  3 x 450 nm
                             wattage:  18 w
                             Voltage input:  90-220V

                              maxLumenAqua 300
                             dimension:  200 x 300 x  31mm
                             Led Brand:  Philips LumiLeds
                                                                   -  7 x  5 watt  high power
                                                                   -  700 mA
                                                                   -  7 x 6500k
                                                                   -  5 x 450 nm
                             wattage:  30 w
                             Voltage input:  90-220V

 This would seriously compete with the  japanese brand now that it is almost available for US aquarist.  Let's see how LumenAqua plays this game.   If the price is competitive,  I would put my money to bet on this product just like as how the Maxspect was played.


  1. Glad to see a new company care about what they sell, much love to the r/d team. Hope they will stick around for many years to come, lord knows we do need LED's.
    LED Manufacturers

  2. thanks for the link bro... I know that the development of LED is going to leap frog anytime soon which not only means that our hobby would greatly benefit not only from PAR monster and cost competitive LED but also more choices for us.


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