Saturday, August 28, 2010

BubbleMagus Cone Skimmer: Growing Big

Not only that the China base company is expanding their reach , .. their product line  increasing,.. but also their flagship model is growing big.   Bubble Magus the maker of  throw-away price  yet mud-making skimmer  is avenging their models to cater for bigger tanks.   Welcome  the two big " CONE"  brother; NAC9 & BM-NAC77.

NAC9  with improved bubble plate

Needlewheel cone protein skimmer  

Capability :     1500L-2000L (395G-530G)
pump:            atman ph4000 (made in china)
Pump power:  25W,  220V 50Hz
air intake :      1020L/H
Dimensions:    310×260×570mm( 12.2" * 10.2" * 22.4 ")
Water Level    :9.5"-11"


Meshwheel cone protein skimmer

Capability :        800L-1200L (210G-315G)
pump:                atman ph2500 X2(made in china)
Pump power:    56W, 220V 50Hz /110V 60Hz
air intake :        1000L/H
Dimensions:     400×310×575mm( 15.7" * 12.2" * 22.6 ")
cylinder:           Max 9"
Water Level :  9.5"-11"

Both model is in production and should be ready to ship shortly.    Have your dealer ask them to preorder yours and get back to us for feed back.  

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