Friday, September 10, 2010

OLED is the next big thing.

"OLEDs offer a completely new vision of lighting. Like LEDs, OLEDs are solid-state lighting devices that are extremely efficient light emitters – thus helping reduce the financial and environmental costs of lighting. Next to LEDs offering very high brightness in a compact shape, OLEDs emit light over an extended area. The illumination they produce is “calm”, glowing and diffuse, and non-glaring. The thin, flat nature of OLEDs makes it possible to create light sources of a wide variety of shapes and sizes."

Though  the fixture shown above is not designed for reef tank yet (however, the design is reef-ready).   One day this light is the benchmark for our lightning  needs - compact & light,  dimmable,   able to produce different spectrum, and it plugs straight to  AC power.   Now only if these thing will give us enough PAR and that would definitely end the life of LED.

 hit the source link for the press release.

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