Wednesday, October 20, 2010

BEWARE: Sympodium Predator

     I recently acquired a healthy  maricultured colony of  the Sympodium coral.     It open straight up after placing it in the display tank.      Days past and I've noticed that some of the corals are not opening,  though   Did not really paid much attentention  to it as this coral was maricultured and I expected it to still slowly acclimate in my tank's condition.

      A week past after,  I was losing  small parts of the colony  until I was down to few stalks that I have decided to save the last few remaining of the green xenia.     Did not notice anything until I placed it back in the tank.  Three blue stalks floated away and all I thought was that the xenia was melting  and then suddenly  one of the bluish stalks starts moving that  
 it all hit me... 

     Sympodium eating Nudibranch.  my.. my...  what a discovery.  Cleverly mimicking the stalks of the sympodium that it was in front of me yet  it was invisible.

  I could not believe that three of these beautiful slugs was peacefully living in the colony and slowly eating  the coral.    Very beautiful invertebrate  that I could not just flushed them down.   As a matter of fact,  I still have the trio as of writing.

did you noticed that yourself?

 I told you!  they are best in camouflaging themselves..

and some close-up shot of the beautiful blue colored plumage predator.
don't forget to click the picture for a bigger view.  Also, inspect your sympodium if you have one.

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