Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NEW BabyFish Doser; rivals that of Bubble Magus.

I am not exactly sure if this product is the same as the BM doser,  infact the two dosing  pumps share plenty of similarities; similar look, similar color as well as similar extention doser.   The only part where these two products differs is the price.   Babyfish doser retails only half of that than the BMT-01 Kit.

The only thing that we could not compare is the specs of the  Babyfish doser  as nothing  is said about  by the seller.   Perhaps,  It is likely that this is piece of equipment is an OEM branded by  Bubble Magus.   A quick search about the company yields nothing either.

Looking at this product,  without a knowledge about the maker -  without warranty from the seller,  it is only the price point where hobbyist might consider this.    A total gamble?  or perhaps a total winner?

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