Monday, November 29, 2010

Abyzz 200 WaveMaker To Challenge Vortech Pumps.

Yup you read it right.

The Abyzz 200 controllable brushless DC pump,  may sound like a new pump  but rather this is the same pump produce by Schunk Module Technik formerly known as Triton 420,  aka RD2 of Royal Exclusive.    Not exactly as beautiful as that of the  vortech or  as small as the MP60  but   this pump's ability to produce waves not only mimics that of the said pump but has copied  the real waves.   Up and down motion and at the same time pushing a stream of water to produce a current.  It's hard to explain so lets see the video below.

With the ability of the Abyzz 200 to produce such realistic wave,  this will push the benchmark of making waves in the reef aquairum.   I hope   that  Schunk Module Technik  would shrunk the size of the pump and as well as the price.

here's the specs of the pump (as per our fellow blogger: Reef News.Blog)

Maximum capacity : 17.000 l/h
Normal capacity : 14.500 l/h
Out flow speed : max. 5,4m/s, normal. 4,6m/s
Max head. 6,5m
Power form : 4…200W
Operating voltage : 230V~, 50…60Hz
Ambient temperature : +2°C…+40°C
Maximum operating pressure : 1,2 bar
Maximum operating depth : 2 Meter
Cable length : 3m oder 10m
Inlet / Outlet connections : 50mm/40mm
Suitable for PVC/ABS socket fittings


  1. Hello!
    I´m Torsten Luther from Korallenwelt, which has made this Movie!
    The Abyzz pumps are manufactured in Germany by a company VENOTEC.
    The Abyzz has nothing to do with a pump called Tritron which was made bei Schunk, Germany 2 years ago.

    And the pump has absolutly nothing to do with any pumps from Royal Exclusiv in Cologne Germany.
    We don´t work together with this company!


    Torsten Luther

  2. Hello Torsten Luther!

    thank you for clarifying and made a straight answer about this awesome product. As the author of this blog, I am embarrass to know that I what I have written is not completely accurate.

    But with you enlightening us, about the Abyzz pump, it's manufacturer and the true identity of said product; I wish to see your abyzz soon in LFS shelves.

    thank you for spending time to post!


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