Sunday, November 14, 2010

HERO : the new skimmer from Bubble Magus!

Bubble Magus,  the now famous  maker of  cheap skimmer from China  has just introduce their new  HERO:  the skimmer that will save us from  other skimmer.    Bless with good look and  beastly performance,  these new skimmer will save us from disasters.

oh loooook!......   it's a shark!.....    it's a submarine!....     NO!  ITS  HERO!!!

The best looking skimmer yet from Bubble Magus.

Coming in three models,   the specs of this skimmer is  yet to be announce but Bubble Magus has step forward to share on what has been improved of this models.

*  New parabolic body cone design  greatly enhances the efficiency up to 10%
*  Innovative collection cup shroud  enhancing the collection to 5%
*  Unique air nozzle, promoting excellent mixing ratio of air and water to achieve dense micro bubble.
*  Advance collection cup,  easy to disassemble.
*  Improved  Bubble plate  to reduce water turbulence.
*  Quick-Release design for easy pump access and cleaning
*  Ergonomic  adjustment knob,  sleeker and smoother for fine tuning
*  New thicker materials and advance  processing technology.

head pass the break to see the other two models:
small model:

Large Model:

and details of the make;

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