Friday, November 12, 2010

Lotilia graciliosa: invades Singapore by the DOZEN!

Yes!  the once very very very  RARE  and once very very very expensive white cap goby is no more; i mean no longer holds it's tittle as such.     Few online retailer are dropping prices,  even LiveAquaria has drop the price more than half.

Now Singapore  is the next destination to get  their fair share of the goby trade.   Not only that they're getting few specimens but getting it by the dozen>  or 15 pieces to be exact in a single shipment.    This is not the first time for this fish to see Singaporean  hobbyist but the first to see them in great number in one single shipment.

the goby retails around 150 US$ in singapore.  Which is the cheapest  price so far we've seen  in the trade.   So don't forget to buy your white cap goby when you're in singapore.

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