Thursday, January 13, 2011

Macro Aqua DC Wave Maker

Macro Aqua that brought us independent (pH, ORP) controllers with a unique stand&display integration  is back with  few more controllers.    One of such product is their very own version of a wave maker  that is able to control up to 2  of their designed propeller pumps.   

FLOW RATE 3000L/H 2600L/H 5200L/H 4000L/H 10800L/H 9200L/H
RECOMMENDED AQUARIUM SIZE(liters) 120~200L 100~180L 200~400L 150~350L 360~800L 300~700L
WATTAGE 7W 7W 10W 9W 17W 15W


(the mode can be swltched at any time):   There are  4 modes to choose from.

Mode 1:
(Two pumps with six sections of speed adjustment)
The speed of Pump 1 and pump 2 can be adjusted independently

Mode 2:(Tidal mode)

The pumps run according to the variation of the tidal cycle.
(Two pumps are with independent tidal.)
No adjustable function.
The tidal cycle changes every 120 mins.

Mode 3:
(pump 1 with adjustable duration time and pump 2 with tidal mode)
The duration time for pump 1 can be adjusted by the user.
The pump runs at the first speed for 5 seconds and then changes to the sixth speed for 10-60 seconds.
This is one cycle (See the picture below) The factory default is 10 seconds.Pump 2 is with tidal mode.
The variation for the tidal mode is 120 mins.

(Pump 1 with adjustable duration time and Pump 2 with adjustable six sections of speed)
The duration time for pump 1 can be adjusted by the user.
The pump speed will be changed from 1-2-3-4-5-6 in
6 seconds and run at the sixth speed for 10-60 seconds and then change to the first speed for 4 seconds.
This is one cycle.The factory default is 10 seconds.

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