Monday, January 24, 2011

Pseudochromis Tapienosoma or A New Dottyback??

photo courtesy of  LemonLemon

 Singapore: close knit reefers from this country was in a frantic mode to search for a proper ID of a newly imported dottyback.   The picture was taken by LemonLemon  who is a big collector of unusual and rare fish and here is how he describe the new fish:

"It resembles very closely to Pseudochromis tapeinosoma but we strongly feel it's an unidentified species. I show the picture to other people overseas and they also feel it's something new. pictures have already been sent for confirmation to see if it is indeed a new species or just a colour variation of tapeinosoma.   the body is yellow with a navy blue stripe that runs from the snout to the end of the body along the dorsal. the tail is encircled in the blue stripe forming a horshoe shape.

If  you think you know the true identity of this particular dottyback;  why not give as a heads-up.   This  fish will surely be a big hit  for  a rare fish collector.


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