Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Picasso Clarkii exported by Aquarich.

screenshot of Aquarich  logo..

Picasso Clarkii  is a new designer clown  produced by Bali Aquarich:  the company that gave us the tank bred  pinnatus batfish.   The designer clown takes the cue from the it's sibling Percula  which is now  as well being  produced  in hundreds by the said company.   Though,  the picasso clarkii,  is still rare in the market...  it will only take much time for the demand to soar and will push Aquarich no choice but to let go of their hidden gems...

picture courtesy of Baliaquarich

Picasso Clarkii officially called as GALAXY Clownfish:

But few from the United Kingdom   was lucky enough to  have them.  If only I have the right to post some of the pictures.   Sorry guys,  google is your friend here.

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