Monday, May 23, 2011

Maxspect G Series LED spied at AQUARAMA 2011

Singapore Aquarama 2011:   As one of the main sponsor of the biggest Fish Show in the whole of Asia,   Maxspect  has supplied not one but a whole school of LED fixture to supply the only SOURCE of light for  the Marine Tank Category.

first hand pictures of maxspect G series fixture before the opening  of the  Aquarama show as pictured by Harlequin Mania.    

Looking at the picture above, it is very clear how the company has completely overhauled  the whole fixture while comparing the same in its debut  at Orlando's MACNA.    The unit now looks stunningly sexy with a sleek and slim  iPadish body.  Moreover,  it seems like the LED fixture  comes in a smaller package where, instead of having a specific length to  cover the whole tank..  it will now be done in modules.  Good Move Maxspect!!

And just to top the icing on the cake... maxspect led comes with a controller...  now sure how the controller works..  one thing for sure is that it will be able to handle  those modules.  

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